Play Cry of the Ancients (Excerpt)
Play The Inquisitorial Squad
Play The Descent
Play TFU Exploration
Play Lunar Express (Excerpt)
Play Sunrise
Play Red Alert 3 Theme: Soviet March
Play Yuriko's Theme (Excerpt; Vocals: Miriam Stockley
Play Montage
Play Terrans Excerpt
Play Mooncrash
Play 200 Years Ago On An Icy Planet (DS3 Theme)
Play Cry of the Ancients (Excerpt 1)
Play Lunar Express
Play Convergence
Play DS3 Credits (Vocals, Miriam Stockley)
Play A Broken Past
Play Cry of the Ancients (Excerpt 2)
Play Graffiti Speaks
Play Mountains of Madness
Play Transformers Universe Montage
Play Montage Two
Play Alien: Out of the Shadows Montage
Play Death of Cutter
Play Welcome Back Commander Montage
Play The Prophet's Ascension
Play The End of All Things
Play Heresy's Reward

Additional artwork: Javier Burgos Gasco