Selected reviewer comments


“A score which combines musicality with wit. It adds atmosphere throughout, whilst remaining entirely in keeping with the humorous and fun nature of the game. The subtle development of the score according to the development of the game works effectively, whilst complementing the sound and dialogue perfectly. A creditable combination of interactive technology and highly skilled composition.” – The British Academy of Film and Television Arts on ‘Theme Park World’ (US title, ‘Sim Theme Park’).

“Sound 10/10. The music in Republic is amazing. It is possibly the greatest and most appropriate music in any game ever. The sweeping eastern classical music fits the game so well it is untrue. As soon as you are able to start a rally … you will know what I mean.” – Game FAQs

“James Hannigan has not only written the best music in the video game series, but he has surpassed [the] film score. That’s right, this is better than the film score. I really hope someone over at Warner Bros. is listening to this score.” – ‘Movie Music UK’ on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

“Wonderful music…” Gamespy on Republic

“Powerful and rewarding, the Republic soundtrack is something fans of game music should seek out… Hannigan, with the skillful ensemble and support of Eidos and Elixir Studios, has accomplished something great. I’m proud to include this among my collection of film and orchestral music” – Jay Semerad – Music4Games

“Hannigan’s musical accompaniment to this game of Cold War rebellion hit the mark in terms of what sounds should support the on-screen images.” – on Republic

9.5/10 – IGN’s rating for music,’Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ review. “Best of the Year”

“The most powerful weapon in Dead Space 3 is the music. Though no more than a soundtrack, it’s the sound of violin strings — and not ghastly space creatures — that provide the tension here. The instruments are pulled so tight that at times it feels as if the simple movement of a character might bring the world crashing down…The music, a scraping, needling sound poking the listener, is constantly asking the player questions: What’s breathing in that vent? What’s ruffling behind that door? Are you really sure you want to enter that corridor?” –LA Times

“The music and sound design are top-notch as well, supporting the world class visuals with crunchy, unsettling noises, and a rousing score..”- IGN

“The graphics, sound effects, music and voice work are all top-notch and they combine to create a terrifying ambience for the majority of the game.” – NY Post

“Perhaps as accomplished as the graphics, it’s the music and the sound effects of Dead Space 3 that make it such an engrossing experience. The music is dark and haunting and tense, and reminds me of old-school science fiction films.” – Forbes

“Seeing a horde of monsters fast approaching, with pointy limbs flailing, as an orchestra of horns and violins rises to cacophony, is guaranteed to get the heart pumping, even if you can carelessly let the bullets fly now.” – TIME

“A fantastic soundtrack … builds tension nicely and keeps you enthralled and on the edge of your seat.” – BioGamerGirl

“Just as creepy is the game’s sound design, which marries subtle audio effects with a restrained score to further build the tension.” – Gamespot

“Both music and effects are top notch.” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“..the score also tried its best to evoke a mix of desolation and somber isolation during down times and rousing, brassy, blaring builds during combat. This really is one of the best-sounding games ever made….Great music and absolutely amazing foley work with some wonderful surround positioning, this is the high water mark by which all games’ sound should be judged.” –TotalPlayStation

“It would be wrong to not highlight the soundtrack, too. Audio has always been important to the series, but this time around there’s some beautiful and haunting music that manages to be more memorable compared to the atmospheric-but-forgettable tunes in past games.” – Destructoid

“The fantastic sound design is also back, with Necromorph attacks punctuated by the music shifting from quiet and eerie to loud and frantic. Indeed, the violent sound transitions give the game much of its horror.” – The Globe and Mail

“The sound and music bring the game home.” – Las Vegas Review Journal

“An immersive and very remarkable soundtrack (which at times evokes Jerry Goldsmith, for the original Alien 1979).” – EuroGamer

“The music is uniformly excellent.”– Xbox 360 Achievements

“The sound and sights of Dead Space 3 are unparalleled. The soundtrack, effects, textures, and level design hit series highs and never let go.” – GameRevolution

“A fittingly freaky soundtrack that enhances most all nightmarish encounters.”– PSX Extreme

“Haunting vocal lines mixed with richly scored strings serve to make the music score truly memorable. The unconventional approach to style works very well and emphasises the drama of the game without relying on cliches. Production values are superlative, and composition first-rate, with the music setting the mood beautifully and creating a lasting impression for the title.” – The British Academy of Film and Television Arts on FIFA

“As well as looking great, the cities feel real, with character voices and exceptional musical score helping to generate a believable atmosphere.” – Sky News

“…the music by James Hannigan lends real atmosphere wherever you are in the game, adjusting to specific actions. (The opening theme creates an excellent sense of melancholy and foreboding)…. Excellent music and sound” 9/10 – IGN

“The music is simply terrific, an orchestral score with a decidedly Russian flavour.” – Game Revolution

“To keep the atmosphere up though there is some quite excellent music” – Gaming Illustrated

“excellent musical score… awesome music… The Totality 3D engine and the game’s musical soundtrack. Both are top-notch.” – ActionTrip

“The music is simply superb. James Hannigan, who composed the music … is also known for his brilliant score in Privateer: The Darkening, Sim Theme Park and many other games. The music is very fitting and almost brought a nostalgic tear or two to my eyes.” – Netjak

“a brilliant score” – Ferrago

“the music [is] stunning, beautiful at times. 9/10” – Gamers Archive

“The star of Republic is definitely the sound. The game’s music is well orchestrated with an Eastern European theme” – Loaded 

“The music deserves to be sold separately.” – Juegos PC

“I had to take a note of the sound and music in Republic, it is fantastic. Just when you start the game you are treated to a weirdly soothing .. church song. The game’s mood is set by the music. When the police come to raid a house you feel it .. and the high and low points of each scene are reflected very well within the music.” – Action4Life

“The best feature in this game is definitely the music. It mostly consists of East European orchestral themes which fantastically fit the atmosphere.” – Computer Games

“Music and sound are extremely good throughout…The music is near perfect. Use of sound effects, garbled speech, radio broadcasts and so on are wonderful and add to the immersion greatly.” – IGN on Evil Genius

“The music in this game is the best I have ever heard for a PC game…and the ballads get your heart pumping for some action, very well done indeed.” – PC Game Review on Conquest.

“eminently hummable evil tunes that help the humour along nicely.” – Computer and Video Games magazine on Evil Genius.

“The tunes played during the game sounded fresh and very catchy.” – IC games on Evil Genius.

“Great Theme Music” – Cube Europe on Catwoman.

“the underlying musical tracks are very nice” – Gamezone on Evil Genius

“Music in Evil Genius is great, orchestrated and composed specifically for the game. It has everything from an epic piece to the classic spy music from ‘60s movies that this game’s ideas spawn from.” – Warcry

“The sound in the game is fantastic with loads of good surround effects and a top-notch movie-like score. The music is subtle and does a good job of accenting the action on the screen.” – GamingNexus on Freelancer

“The music is great..” – ActionTrip on Brute Force

“Digital Anvil didn’t skimp on Freelancer’s presentation. The ambient music and low hum of your engine perfectly invoke the feeling of being out on your own in space” – GamePro

“The music that sets the tempo for each mission really gets you going. Brute Force offers a great soundtrack: Audio 5/5″ – Team XBOX on Brute Force

“When you are treated to music, take advantage of it and listen well because there are some very cool tracks.”

“The Music is thumping and matches things perfectly” – Games Extreme 

“The evocative music also deserves a special mention. Instead of being a typically bland action soundtrack, it varies nicely with a number of different themes for different locations. It’s a classic example of music complementing the artwork rather than just accompanying it.” 

“Gorgeous space vistas, great music.” UGO on Freelancer.

“But what really sets Freelancer apart from the rest of the competition out there is the audio, not only is the music engaging, reactive and pretty nice, it’s also a thumping good beat to battle to.” – GamesExtreme

“The music is wonderful” – GameFAQs on Freelancer

“Sound-wise you should love this game… The music is suitably joyful with carnival type music throughout the game that never becomes boring.” – Futuregamez on Theme Park World

“The musical score is exceptional running the gamut of orchestral pieces to energetic techno rock…It never gets stale, boring, or repetitive and is one of the few soundtracks with enough content to match the length of the game.” – Game Chronicles on Freelancer

“I feel the music is fantastic. Music fits the surroundings, each park has its own theme. I was never compelled to turn the volume down, or choose to turn the music off. You can also slightly change the music that plays in different sections of the park by building a speaker allowing you to play different types of music.” – Die Hard Gamer on Theme Park World/Sim Theme Park

“To make things even better, the sound and music you will be hearing throughout the game are marvellous. The music is powerful and forms a fantastic epic atmosphere in the game.” – Action Trip on Conquest.

“Freelancer offers a game soundtrack so vivid that it ranks among the best that we have heard. The sound effects as well as the music add to the overall feel of the game and enhance the gaming experience.” – Tom’s Hardware

“The music here is slick, very, very well-produced… ” – Music4Games on Grand Prix 4

“The music is spot-on… ” 

“The music is very pleasing. With its enticing score, I actually felt energetic while playing…” Cybergaming on Reign of Fire.

“The music [has a] lingering affect, and we enjoyed the energetic, soaring score it was given.” IGN on Reign of Fire.