A score which combines musicality with wit. It adds atmosphere throughout, whilst remaining entirely in keeping with the humorous and fun nature of the game. The subtle development of the score according to the development of the game works effectively, whilst complementing the sound and dialogue perfectly.

BAFTA on ‘Theme Park World’ (US title, ‘Sim Theme Park’)

The music is near perfect…

IGN on Evil Genius

Seeing a horde of monsters fast approaching, with pointy limbs flailing, as an orchestra of horns and violins rises to cacophony, is guaranteed to get the heart pumping.


The mix of music, sound effects, and vocals is painstakingly orchestrated—from the creaks of the ship to the subtle shifts in atmospheric tone…add in a diverse ensemble of voices, and this production succeeds in keeping the listener in the center of the action.

AudioFile on Alien: Out of the Shadows

James Hannigan has not only written the best music in the video game series, but he has surpassed [the] film score. That’s right, this is better than the film score. I really hope someone over at Warner Bros. is listening to this score.

‘Movie Music UK’ on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The most powerful weapon in Dead Space 3 is the music…

LA Times

Sound 10/10. The music in Republic is amazing. It is possibly the greatest and most appropriate music in any game ever. The sweeping eastern classical music fits the game so well it is untrue. As soon as you are able to start a rally … you will know what I mean.

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